Kaztrak Ilyouich Borkokovski & the Flying Acrochielians sing Chielie

A six minute cyber album of poetry and songs written by Chielie,
performed by the weirdest vocal chorus on earth

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About the album - Top

In 1988, an extraterrestrial tour took the Flying Acrochielians around the world. Recordings were made in Carcassonne, France (Domus Karthaginiensus), Vorderhornbach, Austria (LIVERKIK, during the recording of which the brothers fell out and Snarlie was banned from the recording - but he is audible in the background, refusing to not partake in the effort he sang from behind the barriers keeping the crowd back, held back by four guards), Fort William, Scotland (the titleless poem about Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands), Chartres Cathedral, France (Brillantinevuil), Kon Tiki Museum, Oslo, Norway (Enéleh), Hansa Studios, Berlin, Germany (Rats!), Whakarewarewa Geothermal Park, Rotorua, New Zealand (Drowning ze fish) and the Sagrada Famiglia, Barcelona, Spain (Sketches of Spain). These were brought back to Chielopolis, where instruments were added, and, after a month of frenzied correspondence, the emperor Borkokovski, by invitation of the Flying Acrochielians and to huge popular acclaim, visited the Kafai Studios and sang the lead on 'Domus Karthaginiensus', 'Brillantinevuil' and 'Enéleh'.

The album was released a month later and immediately became the most popular release in Chielofilian history, selling over 12 billion copies (the Chielofilian empire, at the time, had 12 inhabitants). It was, however, banned in all other countries for general ugliness. Rumor still has it that the efforts of the Imperial Information Service to break this ban led to mainly American 'black' pressure, which then led to the popular revolt in 1989, during which the emperor was dethroned and forced to flee the country.

All copies were then destroyed by the new government (led by General Ghoulie, who was himself incarcerated, tried, convicted to death and executed by firing squad in 1991, for eating lemons on Tuesday). It was missing ever since, and would probably not have resurfaced - had not one pristine copy been rediscovered in Studio the Flowerhouse, Haarlem, Holland, in early february 2001. Yoghurt's lead singer Chielie and Studio owner Willem Bloem then took it upon themselves to remix and -master the album, and so here it is. Kafai Enterprises CEO Geilie decided to release it non-commercially, and so it is available for free download, both as individual songs and as one integral zip-package.

The poems stem from Chielie's 'Nounounounou?', a collection of 40 poems released by Kafai Publishers in 1988. 'Drowning ze fish' is an original song written by Chielie, first performed by The Hideho's during their extensive tours of the Netherlands, and 'Sketches of Spain' is an original song by Chielie, which he recorded on 4-Trak sometime in 1988. 'Domus Karthaginiensus' was also performed by Yoghurt, as part of their first tour of the Netherlands.

Follow the link to each song to reach its lyric. Then click its title to download. The dates next to the titles are the dates that Chielie wrote the poems and songs on.

This music was made to be played over headphones.

The songs - Top
  1. Domus Karthaginiensus (08.01.1987)
  2. LIVERKIK (07.11.1986)
  3. Untitled (12.07.1985)
  4. Brillantinevuil (12.07.1983)
  5. Enéleh (12.07.1983)
  6. Rats! (date unknown)
  7. Drowning ze fish (1988)
  8. Sketches of Spain (1988)

Download the entire album in one zip-package [6265 kB]

The musicians - Top

Kaztrak Ilyouich Borkokovski, His Imperial Chielofilian Enigmaticness, disappeared from Chielopolis sometime in 1990. He was last seen making his way into the innards of the Amazonian rainforest, region northwest Brazil. His last Major Quote To Civilization was made to a wayward Sun-reporter in Rio de Janeiro on january 21st of that year. It was "I realize I may or may not have done something wrong sometime or other. Well, anyway, there you have it. Got a vodka to catch. See ya round!"

The Flying Acrochielians, vocal ensemble, stem from Chielopolis, the capital of Chielofilia, and, during the eighties, gained a huge following based on their live versions of poetry written by Chielie. Chielie is an obscure poet from Holland who, however, was awarded the title 'Poet Of The Fatherland' by Chielofilian emperor Borkokovski, in 1985, and hence became utmostly popular in country. The Flying Acrochielians consist of five brothers, Ghoulie, Geilie, Gooflie, Gourlie and Snarlie. Rumor has it that they are emperor Borkokovski's bastard children by a Transsylvanian forestrywhore, but both the Imperial Information Service and the brothers themselves always denied this.

The details - Top

Remixed and remastered on Wednesday June 13th 2001, Studio The Flowerhouse, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Remixed and remastered by Willem Bloem, produced by Willem Bloem and Chielie.