Still: in-game screengrab from mission 'Counterblow' by Chielie.

is the best PC flight simulator we, at OGS WWW Publishers P.O.D. Div., have ever found, in that it takes up very little diskspace, runs very well on slow machines (note: Pentiums may have trouble - use moslo.exe or another application to make your processor think it runs slower than it actually does), is not hard to master, has relatively great graphics, and produces a mighty fine recreational bang for the buck.
Since 1990, we have enjoyed flying JF2 immensely. As we already went the full round, we thought it only decent to write down what we learned for you. Have fun!

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Controls | Take-Off | Shooting down an enemy | Bombing a target | Landing | Winning a war | Mission scores
[Top] Controls

Numeric Keypad | Other

[Top] Numeric Keypad
Arrow up Down
Arrow left Break left
Arrow right Break right
Arrow down Up
- Toggle external view
Home Look left (move external view left)
End Look backwards
PgUp Look right (move external view right)
PgDn Move external view around in vertical circle
5 Center view
[Top][Up] Other
Space Fire (all weapons)
Z Move left horizontally
X Move right horizontally
J Toggle electronic countermeasures (radar jammer, shows as ´ECH´ for ´radar echo´ on instrument display)
´ - 0 0-100 engine throttle volume (press ´0´ twice to toggle afterburner)
Enter Toggle weapons
F1 Toggle CLS/ILS (The Way Home)
F2 Toggle video displays (ground targets, flight information, air targets, date/time/position, countermeasures stores)
Backspace Toggle airbrake (flaps)
B Toggle wheelbrake
A Toggle arrestor hook
F Drop flare
C Drop chaff
R Toggle radar (4, 15 or 32 miles)
G Toggle gear
M Toggle map
, Zoom out (for map, internal view, and external view)
. Zoom in
T Select target
Ctrl-E Eject
P Pause
S Toggle sound
E Toggle engine sound

[Top] Take-Off

From flight deck:

Press ´0´ to rev up engine, press ´0´ again when 100-value is reached to activate afterburner, press ´G´ to lift gear.
For ground targets, now activate M82 or M84 bombs with the Enter key. Then use ´Z´ and ´X´ to position the arrow at the top of the Heads Up Display in the center. You will now be moving towards your first target, designated on the video-display, bottom right.
For air targets, activate missiles, toggle video-display to ´Air Targets´ using the F2-key, find target on radar and use ´T´ to designate. When within range, aircraft type, velocity and altitude will be displayed in the video-display, bottom right. Do not mistake these ciphers for your own: your altitude is on the right side of the HUD, your speed on the left. The small circle in the centre of the HUD always designates the real point of impact for your airplane in its current position.

From airstripSame, but after activating afterburner, press ´B´ to release wheelbrake, and ´Arrow down´ for lift-off. Then toggle gear.

[Top] Shooting down an enemy

Find it (use radar and map for this; on the map, your aircraft and any friendly aircraft appear as a white arrow, the enemy as a red arrow), fly towards it.
When using Sidewinder-missiles, position yourself about two-thousand feet above opponent, and slightly to his side. The moment he´s about to scoot out of your HUD, fire. Enemy will at times launch a missile that destroys your own. Fly on, and wait until enemy´s radar blip turns white (for out of range). Turn around, try again.
When using AMRAAM-missiles, keep the enemy in the target designator after you fire your missile. It needs to track all the way for it to find its target. However, your height in relation to the height of your enemy is of no importance whatsoever when using these missiles.

[Top] Bombing a target

Lower speed to 40 when about 6 miles out. Fly over target (use brake if revs 40 is too fast for you) at low altitude. When target designator drops from HUD, drop bombs. Target line on bottom right video display will light up red if target is hit.

[Top] Landing

On flight deck

Lower your speed to 40 when you´re about 7 miles out. Apply brake, lower gear and arrestor hook. Very carefully have your aircraft reach a 70-feet altitude, and have it maintain this (this is possible after some training; the trick is in the carefulness of it all: use very slight touches of the flight controls). Then follow the ILS home. When on deck, kill engine and apply wheelbrake.

On airstrip

Lower speed to 40 when 7 miles out. Apply brake, drop gear. Carefully land. When on strip, kill engine and apply wheelbrake.

[Top] Winning a war

Fly well, don´t get killed. Pick missions with the most points. Be careful out there.


Speeds mentioned above apply only to the Advanced Tactical Fighter. Speeds will generally have to be increased by ten for any other aircraft, so as to keep you from falling down...


[Top] Mission scores

Revenge of the LARA / Lightning Storm

[Top][Up] Revenge of the LARA

Sector 1 | Sector 2 | Sector 3 | Sector 4 | Sector 5

[Top][Up] Revenge of the LARA - Sector 1
Airlift 20  
Birds of a feather 09  
Dig out 12  
Everready 11  
First strike 12  
Fourth of July 22  
Grand slam 20  
Highway 08  
Hit home 12  
Hunter 17  
Last call 18  
Lost lamb 15  
Nightstalker 12  
No mercy 14  
Roach motel 14  
Saddam 25  
Sand trap 21  
Tin can 12  
Tonka 02  

[Top][Up] Revenge of the LARA - Sector 2
Bandit base 15  
Bayonet 22  
Christmas lights 12  
Deaf, dumb and blind (def.) 14  
Dominion 12  
E-Z rider 12  
Fire starter 08  
Fleet defense (easy) 05  
Gopher 14  
Grenade 15  
Hunker-bunker 20  
Kill trip 22  
Magnum 18  
Manifold 10  
Missiles inbound 14  
Over Shoulder 07  
Pegasus 12  
Pick-a-mix 11  
Playground boss (def.) 14  
Proud deep 10  
San Fran incoming 14  
SFO under attack 14  
Silicon 21  
Suspected ammo dump 02  

[Top][Up] Revenge of the LARA - Sector 3
757 in danger! 14  
Avalanche 15  
Backyard bar-b-q 14  
Boss the bandits 07  
Carrier cover 19  
Chieftain 04  
Crusher 12  
Drumbeat 02  
Even odds 06  
First light 11  
How ´bout a night cap! 05  
Landfill 12  
Midnight convoy 10  
Missile mayhem 13  
Move on Moffet 15  
Onslaught 14  
Overlord 15  
Pop top 22  
Powderkeg 21  
Ram 09  
Supply strangle 12  
Sweep up 12  
Tito 14  
Triumph 13  

[Top][Up] Revenge of the LARA - Sector 4
A.T.F. down! 19  
Anvil 18  
Battle ax 16  
Bulletshot 25  
Carrier under siege 20  
Citadel 12  
Compass 05  
Counterblow 15  
Frostbite 17  
Furball frenzy 12  
Gomorrah 22  
Hornet 15  
Iron eagle 15  
Juggler 07  
Missile attack 13  
Missile madness 12  
Missile mania 12  
Molehill 22  
Shatter 20  
Siphon 08  
Suspected parts convoy 05  
Torch 16  
Vandenberg attack 19  
Waspnest 12  
Wounded ducks 11  

[Top][Up] Revenge of the LARA - Sector 5
Bear trap 09  
Big bang 20  
Blacktop 07  
Broadside 10  
Clean sweep 25  
Convergence 25  
Convoy killer 23  
Final offensive 25  
Fleet defense (ugh!) 25  
Furball from Palm Springs 11  
Glass eye 10  
Hide ´n´ seek 05  
Hornet S.O.S. 05  
Missile attack 11  
Missile barrage 18  
Multi-role maelstrom 25  
Nightstalk 15  
Patrol in San Juan Canyon 05  
Puzzle 20  
Rat´s den 15  
Scout 12  
Shellgame 10  
Suspected truck park 02  
Three missiles 24  
Three on me 11  

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm

Sector 1 | Sector 2 | Sector 3 | Sector 4 | Sector 5 | Sector ?

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm - Sector 1
AM FM Blues 20  
Cracker factory 16  
Dial tone 18  
Fuel fire 15  
Heavy hitter 24  
Hit the presses 08  
Marathon man 19  
Runaway 15  
Sitting trucks 04  
Splish splash 12  
The shell game 17  
Wizard pool 12  

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm - Sector 2
Bay bandit bashing 19  
Bay intercept 16  
Birdman 13  
Breakthrough 15  
Chaperone 18  
City slickers 17  
Deep down 08  
Delivery boy 11  
ECM Strike 12  
Farmstand 13  
Hearing loss 22  
Low blow 13  
Mad dog 10  
Mercenary mettle 20  
Migs-a-plenty 11  
Milk run 12  
Mix and match 12  
Moffett masher 16  
Out of the frying pan 14  
Retribution 13  
San Fran SCUD alert 23  
Stockpile skirmish 18  
What's my line? 16  
Where's the beef? 12  

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm - Sector 3
Chopper chopper 15  
Clear the air 14  
Coordination 14  
Devil's tongue 12  
Extreme prejudice 07  
Full court press 14  
Green acres 02  
Grunt grinder 20  
Invisible men 09  
Jump the guns 15  
Limbo party 13  
Midnight ride 11  
Out of bounds 12  
Red square dance 18  
Rock 'em, sock 'em 18  
Rubber duck 14  
Slaughter 12  
Star light, star bright 05  
Sweet dreams 10  
Tomahawk 13  
Top 40 15  
Traitor flambé 19  
Up in arms 13  

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm - Sector 4
Defector protector 12  
Fast food 15  
Firestorm 13  
Freedom from the pres 11  
Friends from the east 18  
Guardian 12  
Junkyard dog 15  
Low and slow 17  
Meeting adjourned 16  
Old McDonald 14  
Rude awakening 14  
Sidearm 22  
Vandenberg SCUD buster 18  
Wham bam! 07  

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm - Sector 5
City cruisn´ 18  
Dashed hopes 15  
Divine wind 23  
Enrichment 19  
Great escape 19  
Grip-tite 25  
Ground zero 25  
Hail Mary 25  
Hidden treasure 14  
Hit the fan 18  
LA law 10  
LA SCUD attack 25  
Radar rascals 16  
Robin Hood 15  
Satan sneezed 12  
´Til death do us part 18  

[Top][Up] Lightning Storm - Sector ?
Bash 'em broken 18  
Bio bomber 12  
Farmer in the dell 21  
Flattop fender 17  
Lone wolf 08  
Marathon man 19  
Phantom furball 06  
Puttin' on the Ritz 22  
Special delivery 16  
Speed freak 06  
Transport trouble 04  
You will stop the rain 11  

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