The Hideho's - 41 Years without Sex

7 songs by the countryband that never was

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About the album - Top

In 1991, at the Intree Committee of the University of Amsterdam, four committee members decided to team up as a countryband. Just for fun at first - to play bars and more serious gigs at company parties at a later stage.

The Hideho's toured around Holland in this way, from 1991 to 1993 - in which year they broke up due to musical and organizational differences. By that time, however, the band had expanded to include an extra guitar player, Barry Webb, and a violinist, Lucas 'Amor' Jansen, and to woo gig attendees with five-vocal harmonies.

The Hideho's produced two demo tapes, of which this is the first. Humorously named '41 Years without Sex' (its successor, released a year onward, even more humorously was named '42 Years without Sex'), it was taped using a single microphone and cheap cassette deck, in the general meetingroom of Intree, which at the time was the ground (wooden) floor of Prinsenhofsteeg 5 in Amsterdam.

It was mixed and produced in Studio 'The Flowerhouse', in Haarlem.

Pray forgive the poor quality - the only copy in my possession was on an old, and much worn original tape.

Follow the link to each song to reach its lyric. Then click its title to download.

The songs - Top

  1. We Hideho!

  2. Love hurts

  3. Half as much

  4. Cottonfields

  5. Drowning ze fish

  6. Jambalaya

  7. Stand by your man

Download the entire album in one zip-package including cover [42.710 kB]

The musicians - Top

Chielie vocals, kazoo
Tiemen Koopman guitar, backing vocals, harmonica
Paul Rijnders bass, backing vocals (track 7)
Stijn de Jong washboard
Michiel Hol additional musician, backing vocals (track 7)

The details - Top

Recorded December 2nd, 1991, Intree, Amsterdam.

Mixed by Willem Bloem and The Hideho's, December 12th, 1991, the Flowerhouse, Haarlem.

Produced by Willem Bloem.

Sleeve design: A. Warmenhoven, T. Koopman

Thanks to:
The Beach Boys, Duplicase, Frans Hals, Zilla Heldens, Frans Buikema, Ivo Sikkema, Hank Williams, Jack Daniels, Keith Richards, Stetson Company, Jim Beam, Jolly Jumper, Averell Dalton, Wim Ket, Karlijn Piek, Henk de Bruijn, Joost Tel, Adrianus Warmenhoven, UvA (Dienst Studentenzaken en Welzijn) and Intree (Iiiiiiiiiiii).

The Hideho's salute:
Houyhnhnm, Is that you Julie?, Yoghurt, Youry de Jong, families Koopman, Van Reenen, Rijnders and De Jong.

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