Songs for #cybersex

A cyber album of coversongs by Chielie

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About the album - Top
This album is called 'Songs for hashmark cybersex' because, over the previous, very bad, four years, I spent a lot of time in a chat channel called '#cybersex' on Webnet. To my great surprise, at a time when I needed it most, I found real warmth, love, and understanding there (apart from the occasional cybersex ;-)). And so, the people in it have become a family of sorts. This album is my small try to say 'thank you' to them.

They are: BabyKiss, Billy1, Bunnie``, CandiKisses, Estache, Fillme, Globug, Holly, Irishbabe, James37, JayNY, Jillie, Job, KySprinter, Lewdbitch, MassConfusion, Menzfory, Royster, Sed8u, Sexxygirl, Sexytone, Shebop, Sundevil, Tiggrrr, Trix and Tryme. Please enjoy this music ppl - it was made for you. We'll meet again.

Other than that this album is the culmination of a period in my life. Many of these songs I have sung for years now. Yet when people asked me 'what is it you sing, as a singer?', the only things I could let them listen to were Small Business (my first band, when I was nineteen, very old stuff therefore), the band I'm still part of, Yoghurt, and Houyhnhnm, later renamed 'The Deuce', another band I was in. The music of these three bands, however, is a whole lot different than the stuff I do on my own. And because the other stuff had never been recorded properly, I felt it was right to do so.

This album is a cyber album. There are no copies on cd (unless you burn them yourself, which you're welcome to as long as you don't redistribute them for profit) and it is published exclusively on the Internet. Through this site, and through Napster, whom I wholeheartedly support. All songs are freely downloadable.

I make no money off this (spent quite a bit on it in fact) and intend for these versions to bring home the beauty of the originals to the listener. So I hope the original artists won't sue me for nonexistent royalties ;-). The people who made these songs are dear to me, and I do hope many listeners will be prompted to go out and buy their music (which is why I've included links to their albums on CDNow unless they can't be bought there).

Follow the link to each song to reach its lyric and my comments. Then click its title to download my version (or, if you just want to listen to it, hit the play button). The links, if there, to the original album title refer to the place you can buy it in.

And finally: this music was made to be played LOUD.

The songs - Top
  1. Time for a change (Judd)
    Split Enz. Appears on Second Thoughts (1976).
  2. If I had a rocket launcher (Cockburn)
    Bruce Cockburn (pronounce 'Coburn'). Appears on Stealing Fire (1984).
  3. How deep is your love (Gibb/Gibb/Gibb)
    Bee Gees. Appears on Saturday Night Fever (1977).
  4. Temporary madness (The Blue Man Can)
    The Blue Man Can. Appears on Family Fun (Sony Music Publishing, 1995).
  5. America (Simon)
    Simon & Garfunkel. Appears on Bookends (1968).
  6. Blue chair (MacManus)
    Elvis Costello. Appears on Blood & Chocolate (1986).
  7. Just the way you are (Joel)
    Billy Joel. Appears on The Stranger (1977).
  8. Cinderella search (Dick, Derek)
    Marillion. Appears on B Sides Themselves (1986).
  9. One to one (Jackson)
    Joe Jackson Band. Appears on Beat Crazy (1980).
  10. Every night (McCartney)
    Paul McCartney. Appears on McCartney (1970).
  11. There must be an angel (playing with my heart) (Lennox/Stewart)
    The Eurythmics. Appears on Be Yourself Tonight (1985).
  12. Grapefruit moon (Waits)
    Tom Waits. Appears on Closing Time (1973).
  13. I am a child (Young)
    Buffalo Springfield (read: Neil Young). Appears on Last Time Around (1968).
  14. Jerusalem (Blake)
    From 'The Preface' to 'Milton', written by William Blake.

  15. Bonus track: Hard luck woman (Stanley)
    Kiss. Appears on Double Platinum (1976).
  16. Bonus track 2: Don't give up (Gabriel)
    Duet for lovers (1994).

The musicians - Top
  • Chielie - vocals
  • Victor Samuel Schiferli - Guitar
    (thank you for agreeing to again assist me after all these years; again, it was a pleasure, sir)
  • Jean Louis Goossens - Guitar on 'Just the way you are' and 'There must be an angel (playing with my heart)'
    (thanks for being there again and again - your professionalism, showmanship, sense of melody and friendship make it a true joy to work with you)
  • Caspar Spilker - Solo guitar on 'Grapefruit moon' and 'I am a child'
    (thank you for everything - that's a lot)
  • Willem Bloem - Piano on 'Cinderella Search'
    (thanks for letting me watch you work your magic, and for everything else)

The details - Top

Recorded and mixed between Monday January 8th and Saturday January 20th 2001, Studio The Flowerhouse, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Engineered and mixed by Willem Bloem, produced by Willem Bloem and Chielie.

Chielie appears courtesy of Yoghurt.
Victor Schiferli appears courtesy of The Devil's Radio and Elsbeth Louis.
Jean Louis Goossens appears courtesy of Ruggegraat and Gwen van der Heide.
Caspar Spilker appears courtesy of Yoghurt and Eva Schoone.
Willem Bloem appears courtesy of Yvonne Kuhlman.

People without whom... - Top

First and foremost, my parents: Henk van Reenen and Lijnie van Kleunen.

My sister, Susanne van Reenen: thank you for being there when I needed you most.

The people I worked with
Then, these are the people who made and shared their music with me. In short, they're the ones who, as musicians and/or producers and/or people, have had to put up with my difficult personality all this time. Thank you for this, and may we meet again: Arjen Franssen, Arnold Presburg, Barry Webb, Bert-Jan Zuiderduin, Caspar Spilker, Daan van Rijsbergen, Derk-Jan Gerritsen, Erika de Vries, Erwin Leeghwater, Gerard Boucherie, Gerrit Eijkelboom, Jacqueline Remmers, Jean Louis Goossens, Joost Tel, Lucas Janssen, Mark-André van Kouwen, Marcel Prein, Martijn Heida, Mees, Nils Mühlenbruch, Paul Rijnders, Paul Vos, Peter Warmerdam, Ray Edgar Duyns, Robbert Tuinhoff, Rob van Driel, Rob van Duuren, Rogier van der Tweel, Stijn de Jong, Tiemen Koopman, Victor Schiferli, Victor Vos, WAP Caron, Willem Pieter Barentz, Willem Bloem and Wilmer Wolff.

The people I didn't work with
As there was little time and much to do, I decided to do all vocals on my own and limit the rest to the basics. This went against original plans which included other musicians, but I also figured it would make for a cleaner project. It's about my life up to now, and my feelings for a particular group of people, after all. And last but not least I wanted to point out the quality of the songs themselves, which is better emphasized by not cluttering them with arrangement. Nevertheless, I want to thank Arnold Smits, Paul-Peter (he gets extra thanks for staunchly believing in me and the sentiment is mutual, dude), Juliëtte van Dijk and Sander de Ruig for their immediate agreement to be part of this and express the hope we will get to work together (again) sometime in the future.

The other bands and musicians
And these are the other musicians and bands I encountered closely during my 'professional life' as a vocalist so far. I wish to thank all of them deeply for the companionship and joy they have brought to me over the years, and express the hope that, insofar as they are still alive and making music, their best is yet to come. They are: Adrian Borland, Beat Cream, Bee Swamp, Blue Man Can, Brutal Obscenity, Cheerful Fruitflies, Chris Bailey, Cityzap, Cloud Nine, Conny Schot Singers, de Koffers, Dollybirds, Elektrik Hannes, Gotcha!, Grin, Guinan & Gilligan, Hoekvla, Honger, Is that you, Julie?, Latuga Barki, Lawaï, Loop-C-Daisy, Kirsten, Painting Over Picasso, Passion Office, Putain Putain, Ruggegraat, Scott Singers, Sjako!, Space Marines, Stracche Nelli, Te Loo & Comotives, The Bottles, The Bouncers, The Cocksuckers, The Family, The Pain and the Pleasure, and Well Brian.

Other people I hope will enjoy this music and who I want to thank for their presence in my life
Adrianus Warmenhoven, Ad van der Veen, Alan Willis, Albert Sleeman, Ariënne van Wijngaarden, Arjan Nusselder, Arjen van der Haak, Arnold Preusterink, Arnoud Dekker, Arnt Scholtens, Arthur Zegeling, Babette Venderbos, Bart Koop, Bas Mul, Beatrix van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Bert van der Perk, Bert van Rijssen, Betty Warmenhoven, Boaz Aronson, Casper van 't Klooster, Chantal de Jong, Chris van Maurik, Claudia Kamsteeg, Coen Rijkaart, Conny Schots, Cyril Moerkoert, Daan Zegeling, Dae Isa Barentz, David Jones, Debbie Scheltes, Denise Schoonhoven, Dieke Scholtens, Donny Klappe, Douglas Birtwhistle, Eadric Wildeboer, Ed Aarts, Edith Dijkema, Edward Mulder, Eldridge Llewellyn Isselt, Ellen Wabeke, Elsbeth Louis, Elvira Vahrmeijer, Eric Keyzer, Eric Rozestraten, Eric Westerop, Erik Klute, Erik Kuijken, Erik van Wijk, Erwin van Geens, Ettrick en Patwin, Eva Schoone, de familie Ten Thij, Fennie Bulthuis, Ference Hissink, Ferri Somogyi, Fjodor Buis, Frank Scheelen, Frans Lommerse, Frans Plok, Gavin Friday, Gerard Beekmans, Gordie Knaptuinen, Groenoog, Gwen van der Heide, Hans & Eef, Hans Aarts, Hans Peter Hulscher, Hans Dozenman, Hans van Rhenen, Hans Zandstra, Harold Rimmelzwaan, Harpo, Harro Westra, Harry Kerver, Hedy de Jong, Heleen Straesser, Helma Vinke, Henk Janssen, Henk van de Goor, Henk van der Velden, Henk van Dorp, Herman Bruins, Hindrik-Jan Knot, Hiske Plantinga, Honorien van Citters, Huub Prins, Huub van Mierlo, Imre Somogyi, Isis van Gennip, Ivo Everts, Jane Taylor, Janneke Top, Jan-Wybe Heida, Jeroen Bosch, Jeroen Kluft, Jochem Prakke, Johan Boom, Johan van Dijk, Joost Nelissen, Judy Schoonhoven, Kees Bulthuis, Kees Schiferli, Kees van Citters jr., Kees van Citters sr., Kim Bunt, Kim Merkx, Kirsten Kuipers, Koen Straesser, Koen Willems, Krista Jansen, Larisa Smit, Last Waterhole, Lesley Vyent, Lex v.d. Mey, Lex Wernars, Lideke van Citters, Lieke Oderwald, Lous Prakke-Scheuermann, Lucas Warmenhoven, Luc Jeurissen, Lugosi's, Lydia Smith, Ma Keyzer, Marcel Kaatman, Marco Kuiper, Marius Bruyn, Marjolijn Knot, Martijn Lucas Smit, Martin Mares, Martin van Eijk, Martin van Langen, Hoedmans, Maurice Moerkerk, Maurits van Reenen, Max , Michele Elkerbout, Michèle Lether, Michel Ouwens, Michel Teunisse, Moniek Dulfer, Nadia Lalouch, Nanno Kessels, Naomi Warmer, Natascha Blom, Nico de Jong, Olaf Paap, Olivier Zegeling, Paul Kersten, Paulet Schrijver, Peter Bruyn, Peter de Jong, Peter van Kampen, Peter Vos, Pieter-Jan Heida, Pieter Jelle van der Sluis, Pim van Pelt, Raymond Zwarts, Raoul Koolhaas Revers, Reina Milligan, Richard Stekelenburg, Rick Bach, Rick van Staveren, Rob de Wit, Robert Franke, Rob Klappe, Ronald Kraaij, Ron Bel, Roy Verheul, Ruben Snater, Rudolf J. Denzler van Veldhuijsen, Sacha Warmenhoven, Sander Oudehengel, Sandra Geers, Sjef Huurdeman, Sjoerd Vos, Steven Tyler, Sydney Nieland, Sylvia de Graaf, Theo van Dongeren, Thomas Scholz, Tim Bleeker, Tim Finn, Toine Verheul, Tom Regeer, Ton van Everdingen, Vincent Meijer, Willeke Kok, William Clay, Wil Maris, Wim Ket, Wim Kooijman, Youry de Jong and Yvonne Kuhlman. Plus anyone I forgot, except for those I forgot on purpose ;-).

Others on IRC
And there are some people on Dutch IRC I'd like to say "hi" to and thank for the fun so far: Apakabar, Coby, CrazyLex, Cr0sSr0aD, Doppie, Kim, Leon, MaRi0n, Nickey, Nikita`, TieC, Toppie, Tommy, and any of the Freeler (MultiAccess) IRC, ILab and helpdesk crews I have not already mentioned.

People gone
Sad note? I wish for this album to also commemmorate the lives of Sander Janssen, Ann Vos (to whom 'Just the way you are' is dedicated), Toos Bulthuis, Marco Deutekom and Sacha Vos.

Colleagues and family
Last but not least, I greet those colleagues, and my relatives within the families van Reenen and van Kleunen not mentioned above, amongst whom I want to thank my aunt Rie van Kleunen in particular, as it is her investment that made this album possible. Also, I'd like to thank you for your kind words about my poetry, earlier on: thanks for believing in me.

I hope all of you find something here to enjoy.

Chielie, Haarlem, The Netherlands, January 20th, 2001.